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Establishment of companies, start-ups

We offer help in registering commercial companies and other business entities. We shall help in selecting the proper form of running a business, prepare necessary documents and complete all formalities, among other things, referring to: drawing up contracts, company articles of association, documents needed for the NCR registration. Our approach is a holistic one, including the support of all ongoing issues of a newly created entities. We help non-governmental organisations and start-ups – taking into account their specific features and limited funds at the first stage of development. Our assistance reaches from preparing the founders agreement assumptions, through negotiations with the investor till the program implementation. We know how to protect our Client's business and what requires special attention.


What can you gain?

✓ time savings,

✓ reliability of solutions,

✓ good start for your business,

✓ safety and professional support,

✓ maximum resource utilisation when executing the strategic business objectives,

✓ greater prospects for development.