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Claims due to construction works

A construction works contract defines a wide range of work forms, types and sizes, from typical building and construction works to pipe laying operations, assembly and plastering works,

Because of high application scope, legal regulations must be fairly general by nature.

On the other hand, because of the works complexity, deadlines, applied materials and quality of approvals, such contracts must be complicated and rich in contents. One should remember that the more detailed and precise an agreement, the fewer charges as to the works completeness or precision. However, it happens that drawn-up contracts have many reckless or imprecise provisions, leading to numerous disputes and claims.

That is why Tywoniuk & Partners Legal Firm offers a single source services for construction contracts at all stages of the project execution.

We provide advisory services at the stage of arrangements, as well as disputes between the consortium members and represent construction entrepreneurs before courts of law and administrative courts. Our many years’ experience lets us offer our Clients practical and safe solutions in contracts executed with subcontractors, suppliers, contract engineers and persons holding independent functions in construction, adjusted to the construction industry dynamics and execution circumstances that often cannot be foreseen at the initial implementation stage of project tasks.