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Medical malpractice

Redress due to medical malpractice requires huge adducing of evidence, which is difficult to implement without professional help. In order to maximise their chances for satisfactory compensations, the Client should collect all medical documents and indicate possible discrepancies of these documents with the state of facts, as all documents may turn out helpful during the litigation.

In case of proving a malpractice, the Client may claim reimbursement of costs of transportation to receive treatment, justified rehabilitation and treatment costs resulting from the said malpractice. One can also claim reimbursement of costs pertaining finding a new career, lost remuneration as well as a pension, if a medical event resulted in a health disorder causing the victims’ limited paid employment options.

At present malpractice, a medical facility’s organisational faults or patient rights’ violation, are encountered even more frequently, thus causing negative consequences life and health of our Clients or their next-of-kin. Such events are particularly harmful, as they are caused by medical professionals or institutions whom we trust and from whom we expect due diligence in the quality of medical services provided.

Malpractice suits often involve not only legal knowledge, but also medical expertise making a correct error evaluation possible. That is why our Legal Firm co-operates with highly skilled specialists in medical science, who assist with our claims process.