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Transformations, mergers and acquisitions. Restructuring and dissolving.

We offer legal assistance in transformations, mergers and acquisitions of commercial companies, also the ones with foreign capital. We manage restructuring and consolidation process in companies. We assist entrepreneurs to let them choose the most favourable, in fiscal and legal terms, enterprise transformation form. Comprehensiveness of legal services results from direct co-operation with OCG Group companies. Our clients may count on our help with accounting, personnel and payroll services.  We represent your company before offices and courts, taking care about details and protecting your interests.



What can you gain?

✓ costs decrease (economy of scale),

✓ development possibilities on new markets,

✓ increase in income or market share,

✓ access to new funds allowing for the company growth,

✓ new value of joined enterprises (synergy effect),

✓ more efficient utilization of the company resources,

✓ enhancement of management efficiency,

✓ diversifying operating risk,

✓ possibility of improving products/services,

✓ increasing freedom of action.

We provide help to the entrepreneurs, offering services within bankruptcy and reorganisation law. We analyse the companies’ economical standing and suggest the choice of the best proceeding route. With a proper restructuring, a company has a chance to overcome financial troubles. At times the best solution is to dissolve the company; it allows for stopping the debt growth and starting the asset protection. We manage dissolution proceedings of partnerships and limited companies as well as other forms of business operations. As we took part in numerous arrangement, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, we can predict many situations and prevent negative consequences. We negotiate favourable debt repayments terms, deal with new establishing collaterals and enterprises’  split or transformation. We support our clients, representing them in litigations in progress.


What can you gain?

✓ in-depth analysis of the enterprise's economical standing,

✓ clear presentation of alternative solutions, displaying their strong and weak aspects,

✓ repair plan, including, for example, lease, sales, split or restructuring,

✓ time,

✓ financial burden optimization,

✓ debt reduction (outstanding liabilities write-off),

✓ suspension of enforcement and court proceedings,

✓ suspension of interest charging,

✓ formal and legal support for professionals in the company's history key moment.